Data privacy


This website uses a session cookie. The session cookie is created by your browser as a small text file, allows no modification and no extraction of other data and remains only during your visit to the website. It is technically necessary to enable the server-side management of your website visit ("session"). You can prevent the use of session cookies in your browser, but then this website will no longer function correctly.

Webserver logfiles

When you visit our website, the web server automatically logs certain information, such as your IP address, date and time, the page or URL accessed and, if applicable, the previously visited page. We use this data exclusively to check the correct functioning of the website and to detect and investigate errors and attacks. The web server logs are automatically deleted after seven days.

Registration data

This website stores your registration data (e-mail address, login and password) for our Usenet service. In addition, date and time your the registration and date and time of your last login to our Usenet service are collected. Login and password are technically necessary for access control to our Usenet service. We need the e-mail address to contact you in case of technical malfunctions or suspicion of abuse of your account. We need date and time of the registration and last use in order to automatically deleted no longer used accounts. A data transfer to third parties does not take place, with the exception of inquiries by law enforcement authorities.

Deletion of your account

If you don't want to use your account after registration, then you don't have to do anything. If the account has never been used, it will be automatically delected completely one week after the registration. If the account has been used at least once, it will be automatically deleted completely two months after the last usage.